Thursday, 9 August 2012


Dear Brothers:
Imple, Pater, quod dixisti...
fr. Javier

Saturday, 4 August 2012


The month of July has ended and with it the deadline I had fixed to receive answers to my open invitation for the new mission of East Timor. My deepest gratitude to those of you who have answered (either in writing or verbally) and showed yourselves ready to go. Although the invitation obviously remains open, I wish you to know that after having evaluating each particular case, I have selected by now two Brothers to start with. They are Frs. Rubén Martínez (Spaniard, assigned in Taiwan) and Gerson Javier Nieto (Venezuelan, assigned in Spain). Both of them have willingly accepted the proposal and they will now prepare themselves by studying Portuguese during the remaining months of this year. My plan is to travel with them to East Timor towards the middle of January 2013 and together try to lay the foundations of the new mission, which means actually the reestablishment of the Dominican Order there. My congratulations and full support to both of them; my gratitude to the Vicariates of Taiwan and Spain for their generous contribution to the Province and to the Order through them: I wished they saw it not as a loss, but rather as a source of blessings for them. And my prayer, for all. Please continue praying for the new mission. Fraternally yours, fr. Javier.


El mes de julio ha pasado y con él el plazo que yo me di para recibir respuestas a mi invitación para la nueva misión de Timor Leste. Agradezco profundamente a quienes habéis respondido (por escrito o verbalmente) mostrando vuestra disponibilidad para ir. Aunque la invitación por supuesto sigue abierta, quiero no obstante que sepáis que después de haber evaluado cada caso particular, he escogido de momento a dos hermanos para empezar. Son los Padres Rubén Martínez (español, en Taiwán) y Gerson Javier Nieto (venezolano, en Móstoles, España). Ellos han aceptado ilusionados mi propuesta y se prepararán estudiando portugués estos meses que quedan del año. Mi plan es viajar con ellos a Timor a mediados de enero del 2013 e intentar juntos poner los cimientos de la nueva misión, que en realidad significa restablecer la presencia de la Orden allí. Mi enhorabuena y apoyo a ellos dos; mi agradecimiento a los Vicariatos de Taiwán y de España por su generosa contribución a la Provincia y a la Orden a través de ellos: me gustaría que lo vieran no como una pérdida sino más bien como una fuente de bendiciones para ellos. Y mi oración, para todos. Sigamos rezando por la nueva misión. Un fraternal abrazo. Javier


We had heard about it, but it was the Bishop of Dili, Dom Alberto Ricardo, the one who in his welcome words reminded us of the fact that the Dominican missionaries had been the first evangelizers of East Timor. He said it on 5 June 2012 when I went to his residence to ask him permission to establish ourselves in his diocese. "It is my great pleasure to know that the Dominicans want to come back to work in my diocese," he wrote two days letter in his response to my petition letter. "The Dominican missionaries remain at the heart of these people for having been the first missionaries who brought the faith to this country of East Timor." And after granting the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary his permission to establish a religious community in his diocese, he added: "The presence of the Dominicans in the diocese of Dili is very useful because there are still many places that require pastoral assistance. One of those places is Betano, located in the South of the Island. With a total of about 15,000 souls, the place is fertile and is called to become the economic hub of East Timor. Its people are longing for permanent pastoral assistance that will help them to maintain their faith threatened by some international sects and to regularly receive the sacraments. That is why I ask the Dominicans to establish themselves there. […] I consider this engagement a vital and important contribution to the apostolic life and vitality of the Church in this Diocese for the greater glory of God and the good of souls.”
The Order has entrusted East Timor to us. Its bishops welcome

Friday, 3 August 2012

E-Bulletin N.9 : June 2012

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